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József Bíró (And another thing...) was born on May 19, 1951 / BUDAPEST / HUNGARY, poet – writer – visual artist and performer.  Organizational memberships:  Hungarian Alliance of Writers/  Art Foundation of Hungarian Republic  /  Belletrist Association  /
Nine Dragon Heads International Artist Group - ( South – Korea )  /  etc .
 published works  -  (  books  )  :
SPACE PERCEPTION  –  (  1986  )
VENUS’S  FLAY – TRAP  –  (  1989  )
TRISMUS  –  (  THREE BOOKS TOGETHER  )  –  (  1997  )
TRAKTA  –  (  63  mini( ature ) – proses  )  –  (  2003  )
ASIA  –  (  21  poems  )  –  (  2005  )
MIRRORBONFIRE  –  (  55  poems  )  –  (  2006  )
SELF ACTING  –  (  -  continuous oppositions  /  102 visual poems  -  )  –  (  2007  )
KADO  –  (  36  haiku  )  –  (  2007  )
MUKKEUM SI  –  (  81  haiku  )  –  (  2009  )
SMALLIMPORTANT  –  (  in memoriam to his poetfriend GÁSPÁR NAGY  )  –  (  2012  )
BACKSTAGE  –  (  2 poems and 1 essay  )  –  (  2012  )
WELCOME  –  (  108  haiku  )  –  (  2013  )
QUABEL  –  (  visual poems  )  (  REDFOXPRESS – IRELAND  (  2014  )
MINAMOSOGNO  –  (  mini( ature ) – opera – [  libretto  ]  )  –  (  2014  )
CONTEXT  –  (  mini( ature ) – opera – [  libretto  ] and attendant poems  )  –  (  2014  )
Creative works  :
9 individual exhibitions
more than 700 group exhibitions around the world
more than  90  single  (  live  ) – performances around the world    performart.br34@gmail.com

Janet Buck (featured poet) is a seven-time Pushcart Nominee and the author of three full-length collections of poetry. Her work has won numerous literary awards. Janet’s most recent work is scheduled for publication in forthcoming issues of Offcourse, Mistfit Magazine, Antiphon, Boston Poetry Magazine, PoetryBay, and other journals worldwide.  buckj45@live.com

Rachel Davis (art) was born in Snow Hill in Eastern North Carolina and earned an undergraduate degree in art at Winthrop University in Rock Hill South Carolina. She married, had two sons and a daughter and lived in the Domincan Republic for ten years before coming home to return to university. At East Carolina University, she later earned a graduate degree in Art and taught school at Fort Bragg for 21 years before taking early retirement to paint full time in 1994.

Rachel has worked professionally in both theater stage design and as a muralist doing a total of twelve sets for Bordeaux Dinner Theater, Charlotte Blume Dance Theater, Circa Theater and Gilbert Theater, and producing murals in both Fayetteville and Miami.

She has had over forty shows in North Carolina including Fayetteville, Wilmington, Raleigh, Pinehearst
and some work exhibited in Florida Galleries. At present she is an ongoing contributing artist and member of Cape Fear Studios.

She has been awarded an Emerging Artist grant in the 1995-1996 art season to produce a series of screens in view of her prestige as both a scenic designer and muralist.  racheldavis13@hotmail.com

Vernon Frazer (poetry) Vernon Frazer’s most recent books of poetry include T(exto)-V(isual) Poetry and Unsettled Music. Enigmatic Ink has published Frazer’s new novel, Field Reporting. Frazer’s web site is http://www.vernonfrazer.net. Bellicose Warbling, the blog that updates his web page, can be read at http://bellicosewarbling.blogspot.com/, His work, including the longpoem IMPROVISATIONS,may also be viewed at Scribd.com. In addition to writing poetry and fiction, Frazer also performs his poetry, incorporating text and recitation with animation and musical accompaniment on YouTube. Frazer is married.

John Grey (poetry) is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in New Plains Review, Mudfish and Spindrift with work upcoming in South Carolina Review, Gargoyle, Sanskrit and Louisiana Literature.  JGrey10233@aol.com
Duane Locke (poetry, art and photography), PH. D, lives hermetically in Tampa, Florida near anhinga, gallinules, raccoons, alligators.  Has had published 6,971 different poems, none self-published or paid to be published.  This includes 33 books of poems.

His latest book publications are DUANE LOCKE, THE FIRST DECADE, 1968-1978 (First 11 books—Order from publisher Bitter Oleander Press or AMAZON---YANG CHU’S POEMS,
Forthcoming 2015:  VISIONS from KIND OF HURRICANE PRESS.  Nov. 2015: TERRESTRIAL ILLUMINATIONS, SECOND SELECTION (Sorties) from Hidden Clearing Books

100’S  of his poems can be found by clicking Duane Locke on GOOGLE.

He is a photographer of Surphotos and Nature.  Has had 545 photos published,
Some as book covers.  A book of 40 of his surphotos  has been published by BLAZE VOX,

His paintings have been described in Gary Monroe’s EXTRAORDINARY INTERPRETITONS,
Published by University of Florida Press, and are in many private collections and museums.

He is a student of philosophy—favorites: Martin Heidegger, Maurice Merleau-Ponty,
Jacques Lacan,  Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze. lockeduane@gmail.com

Neila Mezynski (poetry)is a one time dancer/choreographer now a painter/writer, and has fiction and poetry  published and forthcoming on Rumble, Word Riot , Snow Monkey, Apt, Mud Luscious, Zygote In My Coffee and many more.  neilamezynski@sbcglobal.net

Milt Montague (prose) is a New Yorker, except for travel on business or fun and a stint in World War ll.  After seventeen years as a senior auditor at Hunter College, he was turned on to the world of poetry.  Until now my poems have been for himself, close friends, and family, who have encouraged him to spread his wings and soar.  22 of his poems have been accepted by 9 magazines in the last year and a half.   memontagues@gmail.com  

James B. Nicola (poetryWith his first collection of poetry, Manhattan Plaza, James B. Nicola follows poets Frank O’Hara and Stanley Kunitz and humorist Robert Benchley as a New York author originally from Worcester, Massachusetts. James has been widely published in periodicals including The Southwest and Atlanta Reviews and has won several poetry awards and nominations. A Yale grad and stage director by profession, his book Playing the Audience won a Choice award. Also a composer, lyricist, and playwright, his children’s musical Chimes: A Christ­mas Vaude­ville premiered in Fairbanks, Alaska—with Santa Claus in attendance on opening night. sites.google.com/site/jamesbnicola.

By the way, review copies of Manhattan Plaza are available (for either you or a colleague, as I note that Ken*Again does not post reviews). There are two nice notices at sites.google.com/site/jamesbnicola/manhattan-plaza.

Quentin Poulsen (prose) is a former journalist from Wellington, New Zealand, teaching in Spain, though currently on extended vacation in Turkey.  He studied literature at Doane College in Nebraska and won a share of the university's literary award in 1993.  He is now seeking a publisher for his short novel.  quentinpoulsen@yahoo.com.au

Pam Reese (poetry) is an assistant professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Ft. Wayne. In addition to academic writing she writes poems and has co-authored six cozy mystery books with her husband Joe Reese. The Nina Bannister mystery series is published by Cozy Cat Press and e-versions are available on Amazon through Kindlepreese409@gmail.com

John Richmond (prose) has appeared in Black & White, SNReview, The Round, The Potomac, Syndic Literary Journal, Ygdrasil (Canada), Slow Trains, Forge Journal, and many others.  jrichmondnyc@gmail.com

Iolanda Scripca (poetry) lived in Eastern Europe for the first 20 years of her life, in a loving family.  Her mom was a teacher and high school principal and her dad a published writer, poet and TV producer. An unforgettable moment was her collaboration with her Dad in the translation and adaptation of a children's book by the Bulgarian author Leda Mileva. She is a graduate of Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Bucharest.  Nowadays she enjoys Southern California and possesses a CA Teaching Credential.  Ms. Scripca publishes in several Romanian-American Newspapers both in Romanian and English.  Lava of My Soul, a collection of her  poems and essays, was published in 2009. www.scripca.com

Diane Webster (
poetry) enjoys the challenge of picturing images into words to fit her poems. If she can envision her poem, she can write what she sees and her readers can visualize her ideas. That's the excitement of writing. Her work has appeared in "The Hurricane Review," "Eunoia Review," "Illya's Honey," and other literary magazines


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